No common sense of Nature in a government with an agenda

Dear Members,

Volusia County Chairman Ed Kelley was recently criticized for not believing in global warming and rising oceans. I had written the following rebuttal to the News-Journal, which they did not print, saying it was too long.  They did offer to let me shorten it but I refused under the reality that in trying to address the three points, in the article, I would have to leave out an item or remove the validation of my rebuttal. So here is my response, in full.

Dear Editor,

There are many who have a similar jaundice eye about environmental reports ,and  about doom and gloom.  For starters, and as usual, the article is full of the usual wording of “seem,” “if,” “might,” and “could” etc.

Secondly, none of the catastrophic calamities predicted by these harbingers, from the 60’s 70’s and 80’s has ever come to past: the oceans have not dried up, there is still plenty of ice on both poles, etc.

There are many instances of carbon dioxide, which really is the food of all plant life on the planet, and not a pollutant, causing bumper crops worldwide. The Supreme Court should be daily chastised for declaring it a pollutant. This, thanks to the EPA demanding such mainly so that they could control energy production.

As far as NASA and the NOAA, many of their computer models have been debunked mostly because it was based on a bad political/science agenda. The Mann hockey stick, the UN’s IPCC has been debunked many times as a political hit piece and computer models are notorious for leaving out items like sunspots, the sun’s magnetic field, or the effects of clouds which are really water vapor, the real greenhouse gases, that effect the temperature of the planet. Carbon dioxide is such a small percentage of the greenhouse gasses that is a non-entity, about 0.041% by volume.

Global Warming? Huh. Many scientists are predicting global cooling, i.e. “One such climate scientist is Valentina Zharkova, and her team of researchers say that based on mathematical models of the Sun’s magnetic activity, it’s likely Earth will experience decreasing magnetic waves, and begin to cool.

And rising sea levels, doesn’t anybody understand plate tectonics?  For most of the 4.5 billion years of the age of the earth, the state of Florida did not exist. No part of the ocean floor is older than 220 million years doesn’t anybody know about subduction zones.  Man hasn’t been there for most of the 20 (or so) ice ages the planet has gone through.,

Modern day environmentalism is communism, that can only be fixed by taking away your rights, money and in this case, your common sense. With Perestroika failure, President Mikhail Gorbachev came to this country and start an environmental group called the International Green Cross, in 1987, later to be called, Green Cross international with the United States being one of the founding members, very similar goals at Smart Growth.


Joe Stich

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